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Maggie Maguire (8th April 1951 – 4th July 2012)

Maggie Maguire was born Margaret Caldwell Boyle on the 8th April 1951 and was brought up in Kinning Park.  She Married Robert at the age of 19 and was the loving mum to five kids. 

Maggie was always a grafter and after the tragic death of her husband worked 5 jobs a day to ensure her kids didn’t go without.  She was always happy at her work and latterly worked at Glasgow University, Govan Youth Information and Govan High School.

In 2001 Maggie suffered renal failure and was diagnosed with Familial Amyloidosis, a rare genetic disorder affecting 1/100,000 families worldwide.  As a hereditary disease, it had already claimed the life of her brother George Boyle and her sister Pauline McCartney with research showing that this illness had been killing the family for generations.  For over 9 years Maggie was a patient at the Western Infirmary, Gartnavel General and latterly the New Victoria Hospital where she made friends with other patients, nurses and consultants.

Maggie understood that there was a 50/50 chance that one day this disease could affect her children and the children of her siblings and  wanted to make sure that her pain and suffering was not in vain.  In doing so Maggie regularly participated in research studies in London to help gain a better understanding of this disease and maybe one day find a cure.  In 2011 Maggie agreed to participate in pioneering surgery which would provide both a Liver and Kidney transplant in a bid to eradicate the illness.  Unfortunately Maggie suffered a heart attack prior to the pre-op deeming her unsuitable for surgery.  In the weeks and months following Maggie suffered a stroke and latterly contracted vascular disease affecting both her legs.  On July 4th 2012 the family were told that there was nothing more that could be done for Maggie and arrangements were to be made for palliative care.  Later that day Maggie passed away at the Western Infirmary surrounded by her family and close friends.

Maggie is the inspiration for the Purple Ball and her son Gary supported by family and close friends is the driving force to make this ball happen.  Gary wants to continue his mums work in better understanding this disease and understands that the only way to do this is by continuing to support and invest in kidney research.

The Purple Ball is a fundraising ball inspired by Maggie Maguire and in aid of Kidney Research UK and co-ordinated by a voluntary Management Committee.

Committee 2015/2016

Gary Maguire MBE, Andrew Murphy, Kim Robertson, Elaine Benedetti, Angela Partington, Joann Barrie, Karen Kay, Natalie McNair, Chris Lang, Marie Kilcullen and Lindsay Duffin

A special thanks to the ongoing support from Liz McGuinness of Kidney Research UK and her team of dedicated volunteers.

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